Jubilations! Your Circuitry [Part 1] Is Out!

Your Circtuitry [Part 1]Our new E.P ‘Your Circuitry (Part 1) is released today! We’re super-pleased with it. We hope you like it. Some of it is uplifting. Some of it is gnarly. Other bits are dirty, funky, poppy, stompy, and there’s arguably a snippet of sublimity in there too. We’ll let you decide…

Thanks goes to Alembic for the next-level artwork; John Dent for the next level mastering; Conrad the Scoundral and Mr. J-Top for the collaborations, and the Severn Bridge for making it all possible.

::You can Download it direct from the Jettset Shop & from most Digital retailers including: iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Google Play & Juno.
::You can stream it for free here on millionway.co.ukSoundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark & more.
::Check out the T-shirt Deal where get the EP for 1p when you buy a T-shirt!

Cheers to everyone who came to the launch party at the Golden Lion – the best gig in a long time – great fun! To the crowd at Volksfest too – proper job! If you feel like listening to us chat to an internet radio station, check out these cool peeps we met after playing at the Infinite Collective Stage: Eat Music Interview – Volksfest 2012

Next up is Glade festival – come and say hello at the Rabbit Hole on Saturday night!

In the meantime enjoy the tracks and add them to your ‘getting ready to go out’ playlist, your ‘getting back from being out’ playlist and your ‘drinking a coffee and feeling like you’re clubbing’ playlist…

Laters dudes!



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